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Worldwide specialists in 1930-1936 Harley-Davidson Big Twins

Thank you for visiting VL Heaven. We are the worldwide specialists in the 1930-36 Harley-Davidson Big Twin, and the only group working full time on the VL. We have more parts, technical information, and restorations, and should have everything to help get your VL back on the road again.

The most useful things to get you started are the 225 page book "Harley-Davidson 1930-36 Big Twins: Buying, Restoring and Riding a VL" for $50/40 euros, and our 2000 item “complete” VL parts and price list at $10/5 euros if ordered with the book. These prices include airmail, while postage at cost is added to all other parts orders. Nearly all business is done by mail order using Visa and Mastercard. Happy restoring and safe riding!

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VL Heaven,

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Kent, CT19 6PU


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+44 1303 256 266


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